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Hi I'm Joe Pinelli

UX Practitioner

Design Thinker

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A Peak Under The Hood


I sincerely love what I do.

With over 15 years in the creative field, I have become a flexible design-thinker focused on user-centric problem-solving. My historied skill set in visual design and working experience as a product designer has made me a well-rounded UX practitioner.

Maintaining a balance between work and life is essential to me. Outside the office, you will find me home experimenting with new flavors in my cooking, exploring the latest place to open in my neighborhood, or planning my next adventure with friends.

My Take on UX

Since the Renaissance, a great argument within design has been taking place...Disegno vs. Colore, the war of structural line vs. free-flowing use of color. Today this fight, as it was in the 16th century, is more than which design method is best; it is a battle over the fundamentals of how we approach design. Should design be logical and follow a set process, or should it be spontaneous and emotional?

My approach to UX utilizes both of these principals. A UX designer must approach the process through emotion to understand and empathize with users. But they must also use logic to maintain focus on stakeholders' goals, project constraints, and timelines.

The UX process is continuous. With each iteration, designs are made stronger, retain relevance, and become more ingrained within a user's life.